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I would like to be considered for a House Concert - what do I have to do?
    Please understand that we have a backlog of artists we want to book. We only do about 10-12 shows a year, and we probably get 2 CD's a week from musicians that want to play. Please don't be insulted if it takes a while to get back to you, or if we have to say "no thanks". We do listen to every CD that is sent, even if it takes us a while
What kind of equipment do I have to bring?
  We have a complete PA, 6 monitors, stage lighting, etc. You need to bring yourself, your instruments, backline, and anything "out of the ordinary". Obviously if you use a monitor or mike headset, you should bring 'em.
Do you record shows?
  Yes, unless you don't want us to. We are quite experienced with sound - both recorded and live, so the sound quality will be excellent. We have the ability to digitally record the show in up to 24 tracks, and if you bring a portable USB hard drive, we will give you the recording to do with as you please (but it would be nice to give us a credit...). We will not release a CD of your performance at our venue, but we may in the future want to release a compilation of shows that we have hosted. Of course, we will consult you and do it all "above board" if we do ever decide to release a CD.
How much could I expect to make?
  We have had as few as 20, and as many as 75 attending our indoor shows. We typically ask $15 for adults, and $10 for ages 10-18 and active military. 100% of the donations received go to the musicians, but there's no guarantee. You can do the math... We don't provide a "guarantee" or minimum payment to the musicians.

We also have a covered outdoor stage which can handle a lot more people (about 150-200). In Delaware we can only have outdoor concerts a few months of the year (probably May thru October). There is a roof on the stage, and the audience is in an open, but tree shaded area. If there is rain, we can either continue to hold the concert outdoors, or we can move it inside (limiting capacity to 70ish people), or we can rent a tent. The decision on which way to go would depend on advance reservations.
I'm from out of town - can you help me out if I play at your house?
  First, we can provide accomodations for an ureasonable number of people (especially if you don't mind a sofa bed or air mattress). We have several bedrooms available, lots of floor space, and love to entertain. We do have one guest bedroom with private bath if you're a solo (or duo that doesn't mind sharing), a finished basement with a sofabed, etc....

Also important is helping you do tour routing, since we want you to be financially successful too. On our links page, we have listed a number of venues that are a good touring distance from us. We're about 90 minutes or so from Philly, Baltimore and Washington D.C, and there are a lot of wonderful venues in those cities, and most of those venues don't care if you book something in central Delaware the night before or after their gig.
I'd love the opportunity to open for one of your shows - what's the deal?
  Our opening acts are wonderfully talented people who are usually fairly local. They play for peanuts (since we have to promise most or all of the "door" to the headliner in order to book them), but in exchange the openers get our appreciation and hospitality, they get to partake in a great buffet of food, they get to sell their CD's, and they get to say that they opened for one of our major acts. Typically we only book solo or duo acts as openers to keep things simple. If you're interested in an opening spot, contact us and submit a demo of some sort. We love to discover great local talent. But again, we have a backlog of people who want to open for our shows, so don't expect an immediate invitation. If you live close enough, it would help if you can find the time to come attend one of our shows, to introduce yourself personally, and confirm that the vibe works for both of us.
I'm local and looking for places to play - can I play for you?
  Most of our headlining acts are fairly well known, so their names help draw a good audience. Folks who aren't as well known may open for the headliners as a way to introduce themselves to our audiences. If you're looking to play more in this area, there are a number of venues and music organizations listed on our links page. In particular, check out the Delaware Friends of Folk page - they have open mic nights several times a year as well as monthly pick-in's, and they sometimes find people to play at their coffeehouses. Andy's in Chestertown, MD is a great venue, and they have open mic on the last Wednesday of every month.