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ellen cherry


Sun. August 9, 2009 3:00 pm

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Suggested Donation:
$15 per person
$10 students & active military
ages 9 and under free!

100% of donations go to the musicians

Opening: Nancy Micciulla




ellen cherry
  • ellen cherry is a singer, songwriter, musician, designer, artist, producer, recording engineer, and human.

    Once a character in a novel, ellen cherry sprung from the pages of a book in 1997, and began her life as a living, breathing, dynamic performer. Mixing equal parts of pathos and humor throughout her songs, ellen cherry is mysterious and powerful on stage. She seamlessly fuses her love of History, Poetry, and Literature with the Usual Suspects of Love, Loss, and Despair, with a powerful, commanding voice and a command of Power Chords on her guitar.

    An artist incapable of stopping the process of creation, ellen cherry has recorded and released original music continuously since 1997. Her style has been described as "spunky downer pop for History buffs" and, yes, she is over 5'10" tall!

    In 2008, ellen cherry assembled a 5 piece Rock and Roll band to promote her newest disc of original music, heart like a lion. She created twelve tracks that range in genre from lo-fi indie rock to wistful clever love songs to the odd instrumental.

Opening: Nancy Micciulla

  • "The control and range of this beautiful voice is remarkable . . .Poetic lyrics fronting the rhythm of the acoustic guitar is what Micciulla seems to do best."
    - The Penn

    "Her talent was unmistakable. . .with the emotion filled lyrics and passion in her performance"
    - Mike Gower, The Penn
    "[Micciulla's] melodic voice is like candy for your ears. . . "
    Allison Czapp, The Penn
    ". . . a soaring, melodic timbre that at times is soft, but at others soars above the music."
    - James Ferris, The Penn

    ". . . an altogether superb performance with an excellent portrayal of great songwriting."
    - The Penn

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