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The Sidleys

(all of them!)

with special guest

Single Origin

Sunday, February 14th, 3:00pm

Suggested Donation:
$15 per person
$10 ages 10-18 & active military

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The Sidleys




Founded by the well-established singer/songwriter duo of Annie and Steve Sidley, 
The Sidleys are a high-energy, melodic, soul-influenced indie rock group from the Washington DC area. 
Their sound is unique but has a universal appeal that comes from the strength of their songwriting as well 
as their powerful and passionate vocals. Having featured many of the DC area's finest musicians 
including Sam Marshall, Earl Carter and Andy Hamburger, The Sidleys are now being joined onstage 
by their amazingly talented sons: Colin, Ian and Sean. Making it truly a family affair, The Sidleys have been 
electrifying audiences at some of the most prestigious venues across the nation including The Hamilton 
Live, The Barns at Wolf Trap, The Fillmore, Blues Alley and the Kennedy Center. Their current award 
winning release ''Bittersweet" has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike, and was nominated
for Pop/Rock album of the year by the Washington Area Music Association. 2014 will be the biggest year yet 
for the Sidleys, as their family band will be playing venues and festivals on both the East and West Coasts. 
To hear music, read their story and follow their tour schedule, visit thesidleys.com and follow them 
on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Love can be so bittersweet. What once had started as a friendship and shared interest in music became 
a deep, resonant and passionate love. They shared everything: their time, attention, affection, music and all of the many 
things that go together to make up a life. They married, bought a house, had a family and resolved to stay close no 
matter what came…and their life together was beautiful and uncommon. But over time, the cracks began to show.
They found the places they were unable to give love to each other, because they had been unable to give it to themselves. 
Each looked outside of their marriage trying to find that missing love, but instead finding only pain and further isolation. 
Despite all of their closeness and good intentions, now all they could do was hurt one another. So they decided to let each 
other go…and it was the most painful thing either one of them had ever experienced. They cried, in their now separate houses, 
for each other and themselves. And as they let themselves fully feel the pain of being alone and feeling abandoned, they 
began to pour this experience into brand new songs. They played them for each other, singing and crying together from the 
depths of their hearts. But suddenly, they found that every song they wrote and sang began to bring them a little closer. 
As they learned to love and accept themselves, they began to do so for each other. Soon their love had become 
stronger than it had ever been and they continued to write and sing and heal…but once again in the same house…together. 
Sharing this music so others could understand who they were and where they had been was the final part of their healing 
together, and those people, in turn, shared how these songs allowed them to feel and understand themselves too. 
And this is the story of how the album came to be.

In love, we are all connected in each and every moment…especially when those moments are bittersweet.


Single Origin
The sounds of Single Origin perfectly exude the class and sophistication of the caffeinated brew which is (in part) their namesake. Brothers Sean and Shannen Norris incarnate a moody and sensuous atmosphere transporting listeners to a realm of soulful transcendence while simultaneously grounding them into the inevitable swaying of their bodies and tapping of their feet. Their rich, smooth soundscape invites the audience to feel the music of their own heartbeats reflected in the rhythmically bewitching strumming, beating, and bending of guitar chords paired with the intoxicating lilt of their vocal stylings. Better still, Single Origin has the unique quality of being urbane and yet entirely unpretentious. With influences as experimental as Bjork and Radiohead, they also draw inspiration from such crowd pleasers as Coldplay and The Black Keys with ethereal moments which will give goosebumps to fans of Fiona Apple and Grizzly Bear alike with the soothing yet melancholy comfort fans find in Death Cab. While maintaining a distinctive voice, Single Origin truly has something for audiences of all walks of life.